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I am pleased to take you on a tour of my life, both career and personal. I am a firm believer that if you are doing what you truly love, you are 'at play'.

So welcome to my playground.

Everything that I am involved in evolved from the goals that I set 20-30 years ago. Therefore, every experience positive or negative helped to shape the person and the circumstances that I experience today.

PICTURE TO RIGHT: ShIronbutterfly with BBIFF 2005 Trailblazers: BETTY PRICE, SHAWNEE BRITTAN & WILLIAM "Bill" PAYNE pictured with their Bonehead Awards.

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ShIRON Butterfly Ray
is the driving force behind the Darkwood Film Arts Institute and Bare Bones International Film Festival.  This independent film festival brings together filmmakers, screenwriters, producers and actors from all over the country to network, attend workshops and watch independent movies.

She launched the Marshall Thomas Talent Agency; specialists in independent film casting, management and promotions. They represent movie actors, singers, musicians, costumed characters, re-enactors, movie star look-alikes and writers.

Shiron is the founder of the Young Filmmakers Film Camp and author of "Bare Bones Movie Business Management". She encourages youth to write, direct, act and edit in short movies.

ShIRON earned a Masters Degree in Education from Pepperdine University, Malibu California, completed her undergraduate work in Behavioral Sciences and Psychology. She has held Administrative Services Credentials,from California State University. Has held Standard Elementary Teaching Credentials, Registered Securities Broker License, Insurance Agent License, and was once a licensed car Salesperson.

ShIRON has held teaching positions in pre-school, elementary, adult education, and community college. She has also held supervisory and management jobs in the private sector and successfully operated several entrepreneurial companies. (A Professional Speakers Agency, Talent Agency, and a Financial Services Firm.)

ShIRON BUTTERFLY is a dynamic Motivational Speaker, Enter-trainer and Consultant who has authored numerous self-improvement booklets (Image Boosters, Motivational Thoughts to Grow By, Goals for You, Inc, Success Journey, Motivational Speakers Handbook) and audio-video cassettes.

ShIRON co-founded Darkwood Motion Pictures, Bone Dry Productions and the Marshall Thomas Talent Agency with her spouse-partner Oscar Ray. Together, they have spent more than a thousand hours researching and learning the independent motion picture business.

Ten years ago ShIRON did not know that she would be immersed in the inner workings of the film and entertainment industry, but today takes each new venture as a step towards fulfilling her dream of creating and leaving a legacy.




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